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StormGeo is a multinational weather forecast company and a trusted partner to companies who require decision support for weather sensitive operations.

Their customers operate in an ever changing environments onshore, offshore, in air and at sea, which demands high prestanda and standard on their platform. StormGeo has quickly gained a reputation in the industry as one of the premier and most obvious providers of high-quality forecasts with their commitment to innovation through extensive research and development and exceptional customer service.

A difficult but rewarding assigment

When we took the assignment on, we had a clear, though difficult task; to take a new holistic approach to their digital presence. We therefore brought in our partner, Grau, a highly regarded design agency. Together, we needed to find a visual identity and create a platform that reflected StormGeo's strong brand; a website to be proud of, without losing the functionality and ease of use that already existed.

How to work with, and not against, a tight deadline

Our challenge was to deliver a new, fresh design that was in line with StormGeo's brand while taking advantage of existing features already available on the platform. In addition, StormGeo needed a more dynamic platform that enabled creativity and development on the platform by their own team without tinkering with the code. All the while we were working towards a tight deadline.

StormGeo liked Silverstripe, their existing platform, and wanted to continue using it. This was something we at North Creation Agency welcomed since Silverstripe's CMS is next to unique in its ability to adapt,  down to every last detail. This is one of Silverstripe's absolute strengths and therefore an excellent choice for StormGeo, whose platform is largely editor-driven.

Thanks to Silverstripe's extensive customization capabilities, we were able to realize Grau's new design while using both old features, updating them and creating new dynamic features. This was crucial to winning the time we needed to deliver a qualitative product within the project's timeframe. That, and a committed and solution-oriented team.

After a rewarding and good collaboration with StormGeo, we are pleased to have their continued confidence in improving and developing their platform and design!

stormgeo homepage2

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