Enhancing conversions with AB-testing

Test what actually works, not what you think should work

A/B testing is a great way of trying different ways of presenting information on your website, and at the same time measure how these versions converts. The basic concept of A/B testing is to create two or more versions of your website, and displaying the different versions to different visitors. The difference between the versions could be anything from a bigger font to a whole new layout. Have you ever wanted to try a different color on your websites font, display your instagram feed instead of your facebook feed or use a different color on your Add to cart” buttons?

This is where A/B-testing comes in, where you can create version A of your website, this could be your “old” layout, being displayed to 50% of your visitors. Version B displays a different layout, where the remaining 50% of your visitors gets presented with your new layout.


When creating A/B-tests, we use a tool called Sitegainer, it is very easy to implement and has a lot of nice features such as statistics divided by the versions, custom call-to-actions that you can measure. Another really nice feature is the integration with Google Analytics. In GA, you can create segments which filters out data based on what version (A/B) of the website the visitor was presented with. Using segments, you can easily compare the visitors behavior, such as “time on site”, conversions and pages visited per session, to name a few. 


ab testing

Case study

We help one of our clients to A/B-test on a regular basis to see how the conversion is affected. A couple of months ago they wanted to create an A/B-test on youtube-videos, their goal was to measure the CTR (Click Through Rate) on their product-links. We created two versions of their product-reviews: some of the visitors were presented with youtube-videos (Version A) under the description text on their product-reviews. The rest of the visitors did not see any youtube-videos (Version B). The client wanted to measure the CTR on both versions and compare the visitors time on site. They also wanted to measure how many visitors on Version A that clicked on the youtube-videos play-button, and to measure if they viewed the whole clip or just parts of it.

We helped the client with setting up the A/B-test and also the integration between Sitegainer and Google Analytics, making it easy for them to compare how both versions converted, the visitors time on site and the number of clicks on youtube-videos.

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