“We can't understand the solutions other people arrive at until we understand the problems they are trying to solve.”
― Brandon J. Brown

Every client has its unique set of requirements and needs - and they all require new ways of thinking and new solutions. Here are some cases where we in one way or another made a difference.

Some of our Creations

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seb tyskland 1132x670
SEB Online Banking Logo


SEB, one of the largest banks in Sweden, recently redesigned their online banking platform. They chose North Creation Agency as their main partner to actuate the implementation of UI development towards a more modern web interface.
thunderstorm flipped
StormGeo Logo


StormGeo is one of the biggest names internationally in high-quality weather forecasts for companies. North Creation Agency was tasked with updating their visual identity and create a platform that truly reflected their strong brand.
Netdoktor Logo

Netdoktor is the leading health portal in Sweden.The last couple of years the traffic figures have doubled and they now have visits in the millions each month.
Swoon Logo


Swoon is a new furniture company with extensive experience. The founders have worked with bathrooms in the Nordic region for several years. Together with Swoon we made a digital showroom with extensive functions to personalize furnitures with smart storage solutions for the bathroom.